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AC Coating(Super White)

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     1.This product is well produced with advanced synthetic resin, pigments, organic solvents and additives, it’s applicable to zinc alloy,aluminum,iron,copper etc.metal products.It has the characteristics of quite excellent adherence,glossiness and fineness, it absolutely conforms to the requirements of high quality.

     2.This product is via strict testing by SGS Company of British International Authority Unit,not only passed the association of American Society of Testing Materials(ASTM F963 96A)requirements specifications but also passed the standards of(EN71 Part3:1994).It is proved that the lead and 8 kinds of heavy metal contents are meet the standards of above two units requirements. 

    The characteristics of product:

    1.Full of colors,bright colors,coating is gorgeous and beautiful.

    2.High concentration,high gloss,high hardness,excellent adhesion

    3.Good operation for coating

    Applicable materials:

    For all kind of metal shell of zinc alloy slider,aluminum alloy, copper alloy,iron etc.