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Have you met a difficulty for employing and training spraying operator in specia

Date:2017-01-01  Hits:
  •      Special work always is a job which require high technology in domestic,such as aerial work, special mechanical operation, dangerous operation, high harmful chemical hazards operation and so on.In addition,it’s hard to employ operator nowadays because of the particularity of this type of work, especially due to the young generation such as 80s, 90s ,00s who are not willing to operate the spray process, so it becomes more and more difficult for zipper industrial,the company's staff mobility is really fast, we often need to employ new staff after several months or years.And the new employee’s training is also a big problem,professional train require a professional system which includes professional details,data,technologist and presentation etc, the training model for spray master who train an apprentice , it would make the spraying technique degenerate slowly,which would cause the process can not go ahead eventually,and we can not make sure the quality.Our company has already established wholesome training system for special work and own  spray base and  its function mainly is to develop and deliver high quality paint and technician to existing customers for establishing a long-term  relationship and train the talents for zipper painting industry in long times.