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Have you had a spray technology problem but can not be solved?

Date:2017-01-01  Hits:
  • The spray technology require are quite strict during the spray process, lots of  products’ quality need to be improved according to customers’ require ,but the present technology is not meet the customers’ requirement. Technology often means product formulation, operating standards and high technology breakthroughs and so on,for instance,the EU ancient paint product,nobody can master this technology in domestic,more examples,elephant-nose single head grains are easy to fracture while in a pack,painting product would remove the paint later but it’s qualified in test,we still can not solve paint removed even though the operator technology is so standard,how to improve adhesion ahead of treatment with high technology,base on our GUOLIN has already master these ,we have built-up a strong R & D team for spraying technology on several years ago and widely absorbed technical talents, we set up a standard producing process and a scientific operation technology for solving the spraying problem and also developing new product, which we can supply the support to zipper & spraying enterprise.