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Do you perplex because of the coating environmental problems?

Date:2017-01-01  Hits:
  •  The product environmental problem of zipper painting is a main problem which always perplex zipper painting industry,the domestic materials need to update due to the EU environmental standards worldwide standardization and the harmful substance content standards of spray paint products reduce,however,due to the materials source environmental update limited of domestic paint,materials environmental standards are so international mostly that it’s hard to conform it, which are leading to some export paint products not up to standard,but the problem has been paid great attention in less paint materials manufacturing enterprises,our GUOLIN coating have paid more attention to this problem since several years ago , there are 90% materials are imported from outside now which conforms the EU standard,especially PAHS, organic tin, lead and other  indicators,all of these are meeting to EU standard, have already used by top 10 zipper brand .