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Have you met a difficulty for employing and training spraying operator in specia

Date:2017-01-01  Hits:
  • Special work has been the domestic technical requirements of high positions, such as aerial work and special machinery operation, post operation, dangerous chemical operation against big jobs, in addition to the existing zipper paint technology engineer is difficult, because of the special types of work, and after 70, 80, after 90 and 00 after the Limited social personnel structure and the amount of the recruitment more difficult, staff mobility is very large, from a few months to one or two years to change again, training is a big problem, only the training mode of professional training needs of professional training materials, database, technicians and on-site demonstration system and training system, the master apprentice type the painting process slowly degenerate, resulting in production can not be carried out, the quality can not be guaranteed, in Lin company had established a sound training system and spray painting special types Paint base, its main function is to train and deliver high-quality spray painting technical personnel with existing customers and customer needs, the establishment of long-term demand relations, ready for zipper paint industry training personnel.