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Walking into Guolin

  • Based on its advanced technology and successful marketing development in Taiwan in early 1980`s, we entered Mainland China in the year of 2000, developed market and customers in mainland with our advanced coating technology for the zipper slider and metal parts. After decades of development and accumulation, our Guolin Coating possess three brands that are GUOLIN, GUOSHUN,GUOQIANG,, and has not only been widely accepted in mainland with a large number of customers especially in the south, east, north and center of China, but has many customers in south Asia as well and got their favorable comments,There are two zipper painting companies that located at ZHEJIANG and SHANGHAI,which are built-up in Nov. 2016 in order to solve the producing problem for zipper painting industry.

    Philosophy Of Guolin

    The culture of Guolin is to take the concept of innovation as the forerunner, to base the strategy and to guarantee our organization on innovation, to take the technical innovation as measure and market innovation as the target. Always pay attention to the needs of the market, to adhere to enterprise development and personal values closely together, to keep the company overall coordination, to take the way of sustainable development. We will try our best to be unity, strive to develop, pragmatic, pay great attention to the talents, strengthen the service, customer cherish, pay attention to actual effect, the pursuit of excellence

    Unite as One

    The development history of Guolin is the struggle history of cooperate with absolute sincerity. The joint efforts of the founder and all staff, the creative work side by side, the vigorously support of local government departments, the close cooperation of marketing staff in various regions, the customer service and all functional departments in the headquarter, all reflect the spirit of collaboration of the team of Guolin. To inherit and carry forward the fine tradition is the commitment of all the Guolin people. 

    Strive For Development

    Development is the fundamental principle of the enterprise. On the way of development, if the enterprise is not going forward, it will be backward. It should be our forever subject to bring the product forth from the new through the old, to develop the new markets, to establish the stable customer groups and strive for greater market share.


    The impact of quick change of the market and the progress of the technology requires the enterprise unremitting self-improvement, seeking truth and being pragmatic. Guolin staff should always keep a positive attitude with high sense of responsibility and the spirit of innovation, and constantly improve the management system, building an efficient team with clear responsibilities, cooperate closely, establishing a dynamic and competitive enterprises.

    Pay Attention To Talents

     Talent is the source of enterprise development and the base of success. The company must implement the management concept of human resources of "attract talent, cultivate talent, use talent, being good to talent". The company will reserves human resources for the long-term development of Goulin through a variety of training and working on site, improving the staffs professional level and personal qualities.

    Strengthen Service

    High quality services include not only polite and thoughtful hospitality, rich and solid professional knowledge, sincere and good skill of communication, also needs to have a quick and efficient operation procedure. We should strengthen the sense of service, the customer first philosophy. All employees should take it as honor to serve customer and be treasure to customer, so that the quality of customer service and safety, high quality, environmentally friendly products has become a source of Guolin brand value.

    Cherish The Customer

    The customer is God, who is the base of our life and the most valuable intangible assets of enterprises. The success of the enterprise comes from having a large number of loyal customers, while customer loyalty comes from integrity management and the thoughtful and meticulous service. It is not easy to have a customer, but is easy to lose it. Each of Guolin people must do his job well bit by bit to create a good corporate image of the company to go forward with integrity, rigorous, seek truth from facts, the spirit of unremitting self-improvement, never yield in spite.

    Pursuit Of Excellence

    In the pursuit of “excellence’’ is not a measure of single performance or profit. ‘Excellence’ is the value realization of Guolin people on the platform of Guolin. ‘Excellence’ is to win recognition and praise though contributions to the society. Let’s go forward hand in hand to construct the ‘excellence’, and realize this lofty goal.